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R&C Stagelines


Owner Olan Golston at R & C Stagelines
Olan Goldston
W.H. “Bud” Goldston first started R&C Stagelines in 1942. With only one stretch limo and one route, Bud Goldston would deliver both mail and passengers to and from Roswell and Carrizozo, New Mexico. Within a few years, Bud had grown the company operations to include routes from Roswell and San Antonio to Socorro and Springerville.

In 1960, after completing his service in the United States Army, Bud’s son Olan Goldston took after his father and began driving for R&C Staglines on the Roswell-Carrizozo route. By 1970, Olan had grown the company to include additional routes between New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma, eventually moving the company’s home base from Roswell to Albuquerque.

After his passing, Olan’s son, Darin Goldston became President of R&C Stagelines. And by 2012, R&C Stagelines had a staff of more than 50 employees and a fleet of 70 delivery trucks. While technology has begun to change the industry, and the routes no longer serve passengers, R&C Stagelines continues to provide exceptional service and dedication to the delivery of the United States mail.

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